Industrial filtration

The company is a specialist in the field of industrial liquid filtration. We produce filtration technologies of various types, performance, efficiency, material finishes and surface treatments.

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In general, our products are used across all industries where there is a demand to remove unwanted impurities from the liquids or to amend their properties so that they have only the properties required by the customer at the end of the filtration process. These liquids can be either liquids used as main products as well as liquids that are necessary for the auxiliary processes during the main production (rinsing baths, cooling liquids, cutting liquids, degreasing baths, reversible condensates, paints, lacquers etc.)

With a broad range of industrial liquid filtration applications, we offer our clients solutions covering different industry branches eg. in the chemical industry, car manufacturing, oil extraction and refining, petrochemistry industry, celullose and paper production, glass production, paint and lacquer production, plastic production, processing of agricultural products, the food stuff industry, brewing industry, pharmaceutical industry, water supply industry and environment protection.

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We offer a broad variety of filtration products in the following main categories:

  • Bag filters
  • Wound cartridge filters
  • Filter cartridges (textile bags, wound cartridges, candles)
  • Atypical filter elements
  • Pipeline filters / strainers


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Based on a customer's request, we deliver our products either as a set of individual components, in which case the customer has to ensure the assembly by his own employees, or as a complex filtration solution with regulatory and signal elements according to the respective customer's demands, requirements and situation.

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